10 Reasons we Chose the Panasonic Lumix GH5

April 5, 2017



Choosing a camera is never easy; there are too many models and too many split opinions to decide between. We recently took the plunge and got our hands on the new Panasonic Lumix GH5 and are really enjoying what we can create with it.


So we’ve decided to list the top 10 reasons we chose this camera.


Ease of Use

If you’ve ever used a Sony, Nikon or Olympus you’ll know that the menus aren’t fantastic (well we think so anyway), but the brand new layout and design of the Lumix GH5 is quite the opposite. The menu's are incredibly easy to navigate and comes in handy when we need to quickly to change important settings. Couple this with the amazing ergonomics of the camera such as; 3 control dials, a swivel touch screen and plenty of buttons, you really do have a practical camera to shoot with.




The beauty of the Micro Four Thirds lens mount is how adaptable it is with a large variety of lenses. Firstly, by having a huge range of Panasonic and Olympus native lenses to choose from, this allows us to use an array of small, auto focus capable lenses for use in small spaces and when mounting the camera to drones.


Having the ability to use most other glass (We choose Canon) further expands our options as creative film makers. We choose to use the Metabones .64x SpeedBooster for our Canon glass as this gives us a much wider field of view, sharper images and much faster apertures to play with. As we were previously using Canon equipment, this lets us transfer our amazing Canon fit lenses and use it with a much higher spec body.


Another reason we love he adaptability of the GH5 is the custom set menu. With over 20, yes 20, customisable buttons you can completely make this camera your own and fully position every key setting that you require in any position on the camera. We also love that we are now able to transfer settings from one camera to another through the Wi-Fi app, meaning, we can match all the custom functions across numerous cameras.



Battery Life

One of the biggest worries while shooting on location is having enough power to last the day, especially when being able to charge your batteries is not an option. Panasonics BLF19-E is a monster in comparison to others we have used. We are comfortably able to go a days shooting on just two batteries, so having the confidence to shoot long periods with just one battery doesn’t restrict us in any way. The batteries the GH5 uses are also the same as its predecessors, the GH3 and GH4 meaning all of our older batteries are still fully compatible.

(We have a comparison test coming soon)



Dual SD Cards

Here at GreenNova, we are avid practitioners of data wrangling while on set, this allows us to pass over our footage to the editor for review and place the footage into a basic timeline, meaning we don’t miss any shots and the footage is always backed up. 

Two slots also allows us to constantly back footage up to a second card, which for peace of mind of both us and the client, means we can always have two copies of all the footage we record, in case the unlikely happens and a memory card fails.




We were a huge fan of the Panasonic GH4 and now its big brother has taken the quality of the image to the next level. Now offering 10bit 4K internally, this factor is huge for us, especially when we colour grade our footage. This extra information allows us to push what the camera can do and create even more stunning images. But the best part is that Panasonic are now offering 400mbps output onto SD cards in an upcoming update, giving you incredibly high quality footage from such a small body. I mean, that’s touching on Sony FS7 levels of quality.



Weather Sealed

The build quality of the GH5 is class leading and having it weather sealed is a bonus which gives us the confidence to use the camera rain or shine, so we can always produce footage with no drawbacks to production. The product quality is key to us and knowing that our cameras can take a battering is always a good sign of quality.



Slow Motion

Not our most used feature, but having the option of 180fps slow motion really expands what can be done with the camera creatively. Having those extra frames, to capture those few extra seconds allows us to use slow motion footage, for example capturing the smallest detail of a dance to add dramatic effect.

Image Stabilizer

Having never owned a camera with IBS, we weren’t hugely excited for this feature. But now we wouldn’t shoot without it. We often find that we leave the tripod in the car for some shots as the stabiliser is just that good. Pair this with one of Panasonics new Dual IS II compatible lenses and you have a hand held match made in heaven.

Headphone Jack

Having a headphone jack on cameras is now a much more common feature but is still lacking in some high end DSLR or mirrorless models, so having this really made the GH5 stand out for us. When full external sound recording isn’t available, or it’s a smaller run and gun style shoot, being able to monitor audio (and to a pretty detailed extent may I add) is absolutely vital. As they say, good footage requires even better




Hybrid Camera

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 isn’t only a class-leading video camera; it also excels at stills photography. If you’re looking for a camera that can do both very well then this is the camera for you. With a brand new 20mp sensor, the image quality is fantastic, even with JPEGs. So having the ability to take great video and stills in one camera truly means the GH5 is the king of multi-purpose shooting.


Check out some of these stills:



So that’s our 10 reasons why we chose the Panasonic Lumix GH5 as our main camera here at GreenNova Productions. We hope it helps you in making your choice for your next camera. But just remember it’s not just the camera that makes great films!



Happy shooting!

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