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Distributed Generation Systems
Rolls Royce Distributed Generator Systems are a subsidiary of the larger Rolls Royce PLC who produce high performance power management, distribution and conversion systems of support for extreme military environments.

GreenNova Productions were tasked with creating a high intensity cinematic video that would grab potential customers attention both online and in person. The video would show how the British Army uses the products in mission critical situations. The primary delivery and showcase of the advert would be at the DSEI 2019 event in London.
The project took place in conjunction with our colleagues in the DIT DSO Export Support Team from Larkhill. We were advised by the team on how and when the generator would be used in real life combat situations. With these notes, we created a concept and storyboard to best show Rolls Royce’s product being used in the field.

The premise of the video is that the forward operating base (FOB Oullette) comes under heavy enemy fire and the team in the forward command base must set up their power generation unit as quickly as possible to become combat effective and support FOB Oullette. This is achieved by powering the Rolls Royce generator, allowing the command team to relay information, communications and commence assisted drone operations.

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The video was shot on location at Rolls Royce Distributed Generation Systems factory, which we converted the car park into a military outpost in the deserts of Afghanistan. This was to show the generators use in harsh climates with extreme heat.
We were onsite for two days filming the video with a team of five along with four soldiers from  EST and the client.

Battling the weather and trying to shoot in a way to not show the surrounding fields of Chester, GreenNova provided the final video on time, on budget and on target. The film was successfully displayed at DSEI 2019 and is currently live on Rolls Royce’s website.

You can click here to see it in full.

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Crew Involved:

Director: Chris Deakin
Director of Photography: James Clarke
1st Assistant Director: Tom Gripper
Sound Designer: John Butterfield-Elsey
Producer: Chris Deakin
Editor: James Clarke
Production Assistant: Farah Rose