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Document Storage Solutions
The Maltings Document Storage Solutions (MDSS) are a Cardiff based document storage and retrieval company who specialise in securely storing and destroying sensitive information for business’ all around the UK.

MDSS first approached us looking for new video content that could refresh the brands marketing both online and during presentations and events.
We were supplied with a script and from there allowed creative freedom to best convey the business and the services they supply to customers, so we began by storyboarding the script and building a really strong shot list for the client. This allowed us to provide a clear image of what we wanted to provide for the client and better allow them to visualise the style of video we would be providing.

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Once the story boards were complete we worked to create an animatic for the client, again to further allow us to demonstrate in detail the video product we would be supplying. The animatic allowed us to gauge how long the voice over needed to be and where we could chop and change any aspects before going ahead with the final recordings. We also took this opportunity to find the final soundtrack to the video to save time during post production. The final stage of creating the animatic was to record the voice over with a professional vocal artist and sound mixer.
Once we had completed the animatic, we could move ahead with the two days of ons set production for the video, for the shoot GreenNova had to source; 8 actors, a set designer, a makeup artist and a drone pilot.
We used the first day of production to complete all of the filming which required the actors and the second day to film all aspects which didn’t require actors along with the drone footage.
After editing was complete, we supplied the final video in full along with a number of short videos with attached logos to use on social media.

What The Maltings said:
The GreenNova team are excellent to work with. From the initial brief, through to receiving the final product, they kept excellent lines of communication and were crystal clear on their modular pricing. Chris and James work very well together and it was evident that they listened to what we needed and were able to visualise how to put it together, which gave us great confidence in their ability. The final result far exceeded our expectations, which is testament to their methods and work ethic.”

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Crew Involved:

Director: Chris Deakin
Director of Photography: James Clarke
Make Up Artist: Sarah Karen
Set Designer: Livy Cheung
Drone Pilot: Connor Thomas
Sound Designer: Fred Badham
Producer: Chris Deakin
Editor: James Clarke
Runner: Farah Rose

The Maltings Document Storage Solutions
3rd November 2019