The Masquerade
As one of the rising stars of the Welsh music scene, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with the incredibly talented Himalayas band on a new project. And when the boys came to us asking for this music video to be bigger and better than the last two, we knew we were up for a fun challenge. The track was called The Masquerade and the brief was to show the journey through an elite masquerade party that turns out to be a sadistic cult, with a few twists and turns on the way. Standard stuff.

After meeting with the band we narrowed down a solid idea that we felt would play out nicely to the tone and pace of the song and would be the bands biggest video in terms of scale, locations and extras. The band member James heading up the project said he knew exactly where he wanted to shoot the main portions of the video, so we moved quickly to booking these in over three days of filming and securing the lead actress.

Once everything was set, we took James Goulbourn on a day trip to Celtic Prop Hire in Ely to pick out some stand out set design pieces for his masquerade ball and after picking out a vans worth of props from mannequin torsos, horse head statues to a giant gothic coffin, we were finally set to start filming.

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The first location we filmed in was the Working Mens club in Ebbw Vale, a really great venue that were really accommodating letting us completely rearrange the place and set up our masquerade ball in their bingo hall. Once we had set up we had around 10 very keen and patient extras happy to help out and get stuck in to the shooting playing a huge array of creepy and unusual characters. As the level of extras were fairly small for this block of shooting we had to be creative with our camera angles and positioning to give the appearance that the ball room was more full than it actually was. 

Next we travelled down to Cardiff City Hall where we secured the use of the council chambers. This location was aesthetically beautiful to film in and really hit home with the bands deeper meaning of their song with our own interpretation of power hiding behind a mask and facing your inner demons. It was especially entertaining carrying the props through the reception area of the building with security doing a double take when we lugged in the coffin.

The band working to a tight budget reached out to their fanbase and had a group of eager fans and friends joining us as supporting artists for the final scene (Special shout out to Paulina who travelled up from London for the evening just to film with us!). The actors donned an array of masks with gold chosen as the dominant colour to tie into the power aspect of the video with gold being a symbol of wealth. Once the sun had gone down shooting began powering through until early hours of the morning around 01:00am.

The final production shooting took place in James’ mums bathroom where we played havoc with a concoction of black dyes/paint (of which James Goulbourn came to regret having to spend two hours cleaning it the next morning). This scene was particular fun to make and Gemma was a great sport volunteering to throw herself into this role and getting covered head to toe. 

Once the production stage was completed we spent the next 4 days in the edit room putting together the final music video. Himalayas band member James came down to go over the final tweaks for the project and when we sat back we knew something was missing to really add to this dream/alternate reality world. We started to play around with some visual effects and quickly the ball started rolling and glitch effects were added throughout the video, most notably in scenes following Gemma collapsing during the ball (once she drinks the black liquid). We also spent some time coming up with the colour grade and making it as grungy and murky as possible to add to the ‘dystopian’ feel of the video.

Following the videos release, both the band and management were really happy with the final product we had created and since going live, the video has been a great driving force on social media helping to promote their latest tour. We wish the HIMALAYAS all the best as they continue to grow as a band and look forward to the day they make it to the big leagues.

What the client said:
“We came to Green Nova Productions with a tight deadline for a music video of just 2 weeks. This deadline included: finding a location, storyboarding, filming and editing. We approached GreenNova with a small idea, and they adapted their innovative creative values and passionate hard work ethic into an amazing production given the circumstances. The whole team are on the same page and know exactly what they are doing, essentially like clockwork. We really look forward to the next project we do with them.”

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Crew Involved:

Director: Chris Deakin
Director of Photography: James Clarke
Producers: James Goulbourn and Chris Deakin
Editor: James Clarke

4th November 2019