About Us

Based in the heart of the creative hub of Cardiff, capital city of Wales, GreenNova Productions is a dynamic video production company specialising in creating high quality, visually stunning content ranging from defence videos to music videos to promotional videos. We are proud to take a unique cinematic approach to all of our work, creating products that are visually engaging as well as focusing on all the key aspects of your brand and story.

Our dedicated team members are highly skilled in their fields, with our award winning cinematographer and passionate team we aim to produce content we can be proud of. We can be involved in the video production process from the very beginning of idea conception, through to storyboarding, filming, editing and delivery. We have experience in creating a wide variety of videos, whether it be an international corporate event, cinematic promotional video or a professional product demonstration: we are a production company that can bring your ideas, whether they are big or small, to life.

Our Story

Fresh faced, full of energy and straight out of University, we hit the ground running; founding our own video production company.

As filmmakers at heart, we felt this was the best way to express our creative skills while collaborating with other like minded people.

We rapidly established ourselves as a professional, hard working and creative unit. In the short time TeamNova have been in business, we’ve grown to producing content for global brands, government bodies and national educational academies. No matter the scale of the project, GreenNova are ready to take it on.

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Meet The Team

Creative Director
Our guy with the vision, James is our award winning cinematographer who meticulously plans and creates shots to make your films look as cinematic and professional as possible. In his spare time, James swaps his legs for wheels and shreds his bike down the Welsh valleys. Gnarly.
Managing Director
The man with the plan, Chris always has the plan A, B and C. A master of ideas and planning, he makes sure your vision is created as efficiently as possible. On the weekends, Chris swaps his baseball cap for a tin foil hat, loving all things science fiction. 👽

We’re proud to be recognised in our industry