About Us

GreenNova was born in the capital of Wales, Cardiff in 2017. Now based in one of the biggest creative hubs in the United Kingdom, Manchester. GreenNova Productions has continued to grow as a dynamic video production company built on pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. We excel at providing cinematic, story driven, video marketing content from small organisations to large established brands. From concept to completion, we work creatively to accomplish your marketing objectives.

We’re proud to take a unique approach to all of our work, creating products that tell the story you want to see and hear.

We can be involved from any stage in the video production process – from the very beginning of your idea, through to storyboarding, filming, editing and delivery. We are a production company that can bring your ideas, whether they are big or small, to life.

Our Story

Fresh faced, full of energy (mainly pizza) and straight out of University, we hit the ground running; founding our own video production company.

As filmmakers at heart, we felt this was the best way to express our creative skills while collaborating with other like minded people.

We rapidly established ourselves as a professional, hard working and creative unit. In a short time of three years, TeamNova have grown to producing content for global brands, government bodies and national educational academies. No matter the scale of the project, GreenNova are ready to take it on.

TeamNova are a friendly bunch, why don't you >>>

Meet The Team

Managing Director
The man with the plan, Chris uses his creative flair on projects from producing & directing short fictional films to running large scale video productions.

We’re proud to be recognised in our industry.