Our Journey So Far – A Brief History Of Our First 7 Months Of Trade

Our Journey So Far – A Brief History Of Our First 7 Months Of Trade

Our Journey So Far – A Brief History Of Our First 7 Months Of Trade

Date: 15th January 2018 | By: admin

This week officially marks GreenNova Productions seventh month of trading as a startup business. It has been one hell of a journey of self discovery and a huge learning curve for all of us but we wouldn't trade it for the world. Working with the visual medium has always been our dream so every project brings us one step closer to our passion project; to produce our own feature film. But where did it all begin?

The GreenNova name was the brainchild of our Managing Director Chris with the brand name being traced back to when he was in college, being used in one of his first short films he ever created back in 2013. Once the team got together one of the first things we did was to rebrand the logo and build a website so that clients would be able to find us. Below you can see our first ever logo and some concepts we created before settling on our current brand logo to date.

During the rebranding process we also knew for us to appeal to new clients we had to build up a portfolio to showcase our video talents. A major breakthrough for us came from filming a music video for a talented local band called 'Himalayas' for their track 'Thank God I'm Not You'. Production took place in May involving a nine person crew consisting of a 22 hour straight shoot all taking place in an abandoned church in Abercarn. It was hard work but the visuals and feedback we got for the final product were amazing. The music video was a great success and has achieved over 50,000 views and over a 1000 likes on YouTube since its release. You can watch the video here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_TL02vGQaM

Our official incorporation as a trading company started during our final year at university, after working together on a series of projects over the years we decided to join forces in this new endeavour. Just before our graduation (June) we took the plunge and became a trading company landing our first client.

During this time we received a lot of support from Business Wales, which essentially gave us a free crash courses on running a company. This played a fundamental part in helping us transition from creative students to a business mindset. They suggested we apply for office space, which looking back, is probably the companies second biggest milestone as a startup. Managing to secure funding from the government through a business scheme at Welsh Ice; this landed us a base of operations in Caerphilly, giving us a much needed professional front to the company with access to a landline, office printing and amazing community of other businesses.

Through our office, word of mouth, networking events and a strong email campaign we have managed to land ourselves more promotional and music video work. Travelling all over South Wales, we have had the privilege to work with Charities, Educational Institutions, Community Projects and Small Local Businesses, producing high quality cinematic videos. With each video we grow our filmmaking abilities, always excited for the next project waiting on the horizon. With each project, we have invested extensively back into the business by investing in new filmmaking kit from cinematic cameras like the Panasonic GH5, LED lighting and professional sound equipment; with each investment opening up more options, allowing us to produce bigger and higher quality productions for our clientele.

One of biggest projects we've had the opportunity to work on to date is a comedy pilot going on Amazon Prime this year, providing the production team to make the episode a reality for a local writer/producer. This comedy series known as 'Spirit Breaker' is our first step towards working on fictional films and it was one of the hardest projects we have worked on so far. The production of the pilot itself involved a six day shoot involving a crew of twenty, both student and industry professionals to pull it off. Still in post production stage we can't wait to release this and share it with you all in the coming months. Below you can find a trailer to the show...

So folks, thats our exciting journey so far. At the turn of the new year, we are starting to get more promotional and music videos in the pipeline and fingers crossed we get to produce the rest of the comedy series 'Spirit Breaker' if the pilot does well. We are also looking at an exciting new chapter in our business by starting pre-production on producing our very own fictional films, both short films and feature length. So make sure to follow our social media pages for more updates and if you have any questions on how we started a business, feel free to leave us a comment.

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